‘In the club’ – a sonnet

They lurk in the shadows, searching for their prey, once one is spotted, they waste no time. Suddenly they’re right behind you, and that is where they will stay, they don’t say a word at first, but wait for a sign.   Then it begins, the questions in your ear, ‘Where are you from?’, ‘How... Continue Reading →

Quick message!

Sorry for the delay! I had writer’s block for a bit, and was also struggling to find the time to write. But I’m back now! Also, sorry for the many, many poems, but I feel like they flow out of me much easier nowadays and they’re my best form of expression as I can get... Continue Reading →

‘If only’ – a sonnet

‘Hey my flat mates having a party do you want to come?’ the dreaded words you wish you didn’t just hear. Suddenly you rack you brain for a list of excuses that don’t sound dumb, anything to avoid that uncomfortable sneer.   You say ‘yes’ for once, hoping this time won’t be like the last,... Continue Reading →

Growing up – a personal piece

Growing up can be hard. It can also occur at different stages. For some, growing up can occur as a result of a life changing situation. A situation that gives you no choice but to grow up and take responsibility. For others, it could occur through simply going through the motions of life, and gradually... Continue Reading →

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